Our Mission

Missouri Cures Education Foundation is a statewide nonprofit public education and advocacy alliance working to promote and protect medical advances to improve the health of Missourians and stimulate the economy in our state.

We focus on Missouri, working with community leaders, physicians, nurses, scientists, researchers, patient advocacy groups and families in Missouri to promote and advocate for medical research, and connect the community with information about clinical trials and cutting edge research.

Our Efforts in Missouri


Communications, WISER events, research symposiums, outreach.


We work to protect all types of medical research in Missouri


We facilitate collaborations that strengthen Missouri’s reputation as a center for leading research and the pursuit of cures.


Clinical trials information, and research news.

Our Focus on Missouri

  • Influencing public policy
  • Promoting ongoing clinical research in Missouri
  • Conducting educational forums and events
  • Educating the community through events, communications, and outreach
  • Connecting patients and their families with information on clinical trials, cutting-edge medical research, and news
  • We promote Missouri-based research, treatments, and therapies with this focus.
  • Creating a positive impact on the Missouri economy

We Bring Our Strengths to Missouri

  • We’re an established team with a strong reputation.
  • Our track record and organizational history demonstrate success—fighting the fight to make sure all medical research remains legal in the state.
  • We’ve built strong relationships with research institutions, patients and families, business leaders, medical researchers, and policymakers.
  • Our volunteer base is committed to our cause and made up of those who deeply care and feel strongly about medical research.
  • We provide a broad appeal to supporters from all political affiliations.
  • We are an independent organization that promotes and protects all types of medical research.
  • Our educational efforts connect people (patients, caregivers, and families) with programs, and resources.

Bringing people from all walks of life to the table to support medical research.