Missouri Cures Education Foundation is a statewide non-profit alliance working to promote and protect medical advances to improve the health of Missourians & stimulate the economy in our state. Ultimately, Missouri Cures Education Foundation strives to improve the lives of patients and their families suffering from chronic disease and injury in Missouri.

It has been 10 years since together we passed the Missouri Stem Cell Research and Cures Amendment. A lot has happened in the last 10 years since that victory. Missouri has moved forward with research and innovation and become a leader in the medical research field, startups and life science community. At the same time, we have continued to fight battles to protect research. Over the last ten years, we have fought annual battles in the legislature, and 40 ballot initiatives have been filed in attempts to undermine our 2006 victory. In 2016, we defeated a tobacco tax initiative that included anti-stem cell language that would have been harmful to medical research.

Now Missouri Cures Education Foundation is launching the critically important “Ambassador Program”
As a result of the “Ambassadors Program, more Missourians will be aware of:
• The exciting breakthroughs in stem cell research & regenerative medicine occurring in Missouri,
• The clinical trials & disease-specific treatments available in the United States,
• The hope that comes with the knowledge that someone is working to improve your health.

Missouri is home to world-class institutions, including:
• Washington University in St. Louis
• University of Missouri
• the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
• Saint Louis University
• Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Missouri is also home to 33 members of the prestigious National Academies of Sciences. Many Missouri researchers have national and international partnerships.

Ambassadors will help Missouri Cures promote the medical advances being made across the disease spectrum to the community through the following activities:
• Receive Missouri Cures’ monthly newsletter & forward to friends & family
• Follow & share Missouri Cures posts on social media
• Recruit friends & family to support Missouri Cures
• Write Letters to the Editors (when needed)
• Contact legislators (when needed)
• Speak to civic groups or organizations that you are already involved in

If you are interested in joining Missouri Cures as an Ambassador, email us at info@missouricures.org today!