Amendment made human cloning illegal in Missouri

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Amendment made human cloning illegal in Missouri

February 19, 2015

Regarding the letter “Abortion proponents try to redefine when life begins” (Feb. 10):

The statement that the Amendment 2 campaign in 2006 legalized human cloning is absolutely incorrect. Amendment 2 guarantees that all research taking place on the federal level will remain legal in Missouri, keeping our outstanding research institutions in the state on the same level playing field with the rest of the country.

It is important that Missouri has the ability to recruit the best and brightest researchers to our state. This not only moves cures and therapies forward but is also good for Missouri’s economy. Amendment 2 also protects patients and physicians who choose to use therapies that involve stem cell research. Finally, because of Amendment 2, human cloning is now illegal in Missouri.

Dena Ladd  •  Clayton

Executive director, Missouri Cures