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July 2022

Jasmin Camacho, PhD She doesn’t mind being called Batwoman. Jasmin Camacho, PhD is a Postdoc at Stowers Institute of Medical Research. Dr. Camacho’s research involves the study of nectarivory, or the exclusive eating of sugar-rich floral nectar. Specifically, her project aims to investigate nectar bats for their

July 2022

David J. Pagliarini, PhD David J. Pagliarini, PhD, is a nationally recognized leader in mitochondrial biology and a BJC Investigator at the School of Medicine. Dr. Pagliarini’s lab studies the composition and function of the mitochondrial proteome and its relationship to human disease. In particular, his group

CRISPR Finds Alzheimer’s Clues in Brain’s Cleaning Crew

CRISPR Finds Alzheimer's Clues in Brain's Cleaning Crew Microglia clear out the brain’s cellular debris and play a central role in maintaining the health of neurons. Changes in these special immune cells could act as potential drivers of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Now, a research team led by

Israeli Scientists Develop AI to Treat Cancer

Israeli Scientists Develop AI to Treat Cancer An artificial-intelligence algorithm to identify a group of “point mutations” that cause cancer in TP53 – a gene involved in about half of all cancerous tumors – has been developed for the first time in the world by a group of researchers at

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