Wild chimps teach scientists about gene that encodes HIV-fighting protein

Part of a gene variant present in some wild African chimps is nearly identical to a section of an analogous gene version found in HIV-infected humans who are uncharacteristically slow to progress to full-blown AIDS. MAY 282015 Stanford researchers discovered that some of the chimpanzees in the Gombe Stream National Park, made famous by primatologist

Creating New Immune Systems for HIV Patients

Bioscience Technology, by Cynthia Fox ~ August 5, 2014 There is good news in attempts to halt HIV by growing, in patients, new immune systems lacking function in a key gene just as the first—and only—cured HIV patient did. Using blood stem cells possessing a CCR5 gene mutation that blocks CD4 T cell entry of

Soy Sauce Molecule May Unlock Drug Therapy for HIV Patients, MU Researcher Finds

University of Missouri, by Jeff Sossamon & Roger Meissen ~ April 28, 2014 For HIV patients being treated with anti-AIDS medications, resistance to drug therapy regimens is commonplace. Often, patients develop resistance to first-line drug therapies, such as Tenofovir, and are forced to adopt more potent medications. Virologists at the University of Missouri now are