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As the only Missouri organization that works to protect ALL medical research, Missouri Cures collaborates with organizations around the state, and the country, to keep track of the latest developments in therapies and cures.

We are committed to making this information available to patients, patient advocates and policy makers, highlighting the important work being done in Missouri and around the world.

Children’s Mercy Research Hospital

Technology to help kids with Type 1 Diabetes manage their disease.

Drury University

Drury senior wins national collegiate honor for research

Missouri State University

MSU scientists test new device that could help end the opioid epidemic

St. Louis University

Can Drinking Oolong Tea Help Prevent Breast Cancer?

Does PTSD really harm veterans’ hearts?

Food for thought: ketogenic diets reduce athletes’ anaerobic performance

Multiple Sclerosis drug could reduce painful side effects of common cancer treatment

Researchers discover structure of protein associated with inflammation, Parkinson’s

Scientists discover new causes of cellular decline in prematurely aging kids

SLU Hospital leading research to repair brain aneurysms while the patient is awake

SLU scientist aims to turn on hypoglycemia’s missed signal

SLU scientist tackles debilitating side effects of cancer and pain medications

Surgery remains best option for rare bladder cancer

With a focus on high-risk patients, SLU researcher eyes eliminating TB for good

Stowers Institute for Medical Research

University of Missouri

A to Zinc: Missouri researchers confirm zinc’s role in fertility

Link Found between Neurotransmitter Imbalance, Brain Connectivity and Language Processing in Individuals with Autism

‘Magic bullet’ technique could be used to target cancer while leaving normal cells unharmed

Mizzou is marshaling its forces against cancer

MU Research Reactor working to improve medical screening and treatment

MU researcher looks for links between the brain and ‘lost’ limbs

MU researchers find clues to treating psychoses in mental health patients

MU researchers study cat genomes to treat human allergies

MU scientists develop models that could uncover important answers for Alzheimer’s researchers

New research could help us understand how drugs interact with cells

Researchers overcome hurdle in CRISPR gene editing for Muscular Dystrophy

Space for Hearts: The evolution of Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center

Washington University

$9.5 Million aimed at detecting autism earlier in childhood

Brain cancer vaccine effective in some patients

Brain tumors occur often in kids with common genetic syndrome

Brain, muscle cells found lurking in kidney organoids grown in lab

Can fasting improve MS symptoms?

Cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s genetically linked

CRISPR enhances gene therapy to fight inherited diseases

Drug compound shows promise against rheumatoid arthritis

Experimental arthritis drug prevents stem cell transplant complication

Genes linked to Alzheimer’s contribute to damage in different ways

Less anesthesia during surgery doesn’t prevent post-op delirium

Nerve transfer surgery gives hope to children with rare paralyzing illness

New hope for stem cell approach to treating diabetes

Racial differences in Alzheimer’s disease unveiled

Regrowing damaged nerves hinges on shutting down key genes

Scientists identify weak point in deadly eye melanoma

New ALS therapy in clinical trials

Study IDs why some TB bacteria prove deadly

The ALS Association’s early investment in antisense technology is having a real impact

Wash U continues quest to develop artificial blood

Extending human longevity with regenerative medicineSingularityHub

Cultured stem cells reconstruct sensory nerve and tissue structure in the noseTuftsNow

Targeting brain stem cell aging in progressive MS may enhance remyelinationSpecialty Pharmacy Times

New strategy for editing blood stem cells is more efficient and targetedScienceDaily

3D printed implant promotes nerve cell growth to treat spinal cord injury — UC San Diego Health

3D printing of blood vessels becomes reality- AABME

A 3-D model of a human heart ventricle- Harvard

A CRISPR cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy is closer after a trial in dogs- MIT Technology Review

Advance stem cell therapy with biodegradable scaffold- Science Daily

Alzheimer’s may be treated with diabetes drugs- Medical News Today

Blood test shows promise for spotting early cancers- Science Magazine

Clinical trial targeting lung cancer, plus promising osteoporosis and incontinence research get support from stem cell agency- CIRM

Coming up with a stem cell FIX for a life-threatening blood disorder- CIRM

CRISPR Gene Editing Shows Promise for Treating a Fatal Muscle Disease- Scientific American

CRISPR opens door to new type of medicine—’genome surgery’- Phys Org

Curing Muscular Dystrophy: A one health approach- American Veterinarian

Discovery of the genetic “conductor” of brain stem cells- SISSA

Dividing stem cells identified as new target in battle against cancer- The Guardian

Eye implant made from stem cells could halt macular degeneration- FierceBiotech

FDA Approves First Spray-on Skin Treatment for Burns- NBC News

Gene editing possible for kidney disease- EurekAlert

Gene editing technology may improve accuracy of predicting individuals’ heart disease risk– EurekAlert

HIV remission achieved in second patient- University College London News

Mayo Clinic researchers develop more efficient system to reprogram stem cells- Mayo Clinic

Multidisciplinary Team to Develop Stem Cell-Based Approaches to Restore Vision- Eureka Alert

Regenerative medicine could hold the cure for epilepsy- Medical Xpress

‘Reprogrammed’ stem cells implanted into patient with Parkinson’s disease- Nature

Researchers discover new type of stem cell state- American University

Researchers discover the signal that drives stem cells to form new bones- HUB

Saliva testing, ibuprofen may aid Alzheimer’s prevention- Medscape

Salk takes aim at five deadly cancers- Salk Institute

Scientists find method to boost CRISPR efficiency- UT Southwestern Medical Center

Sickle-Cell patients see hope in CRISPR- MIT Technology Review

Stem cell cure hope for Crohn’s Disease- Express UK

Stem cell transplant lessens disability and relapses in RRMS patients- Multiple Sclerosis News Today

Swift gene-editing method may revolutionize treatments for cancer and infectious diseases- The New York Times

The FDA is going after stem cell clinics that peddle unproven treatments– Vox

This gene editing breakthrough could provide hyper-specific cancer diagnosis- GIZMODO

This one, newly discovered cell can remake a whole animal- Science

Why your new heart could be made in space one day- BBC