Missouri Cures opposes hijacked ballot initiative

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Missouri Cures opposes hijacked ballot initiative

Since the Missouri Stem Cell Research and Cures Constitutional Amendment was passed by voters in 2006, anti-research activists have continued to find ways to reverse the medical and economic gains. Their latest attempt has been to insert language in an otherwise attractive ballot proposal, “Raise Your Hand for Kids,” that would fund early childhood education with increased tobacco taxes. As long as the RYH4K ballot initiative contains words that stifle the search for better medical treatments, Missouri Cures urges everyone to oppose the RYH4K initiative.   The problem is the very harmful language restricting stem cell research and carving out a constitutional exception to what was passed in the 2006 Missouri Stem Cell Research and Cures Amendment.

Missouri Cures, and our tens of thousands of supporters, have rallied around our effort to make Missouri a science-friendly state. We have consistently and openly opposed similar language when proposed on even the most favorable business development bills, because we fully recognize the harmful effects such language creates.

Please read our op-ed that is being published around the state, “Missouri Cures Opposes Hijacked Ballot Initiative”

Thank you for your continued support as we work together to move cures and therapies forward!

Dena Ladd, Executive Director
Margaret Tollerton, Outreach Director
Donn Rubin, Chairman