Link between 2 key Alzheimer’s proteins explained

It’s a paradox of Alzheimer’s disease: Plaques of the sticky protein amyloid beta are the most characteristic sign in the brain of the deadly neurodegenerative disease. However, many older people have such plaques in their brains but do not have dementia. The memory loss and confusion of Alzheimer’s instead is associated with tangles of a

Does Amyloid Kill in Alzheimer’s, Heal in MS?

Fri, 03/13/2015 - 10:30am Cynthia Fox, Science Writer, Bioscience Technology Amyloid beta-peptideTwo groups have recently made strides with amyloid beta (aβ), the supposed main villain in Alzheimer’s disease. But while one group is tackling Alzheimer’s by reducing aβ, the other is tackling multiple sclerosis (MS) by using aβ.“It’s all fascinating,” Stanford University neurologist Lawrence Steinman told Bioscience