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MU School of Medicine researcher uncovers clue to as to how disease processes develop

A new study could have major implications for our understanding of disease processes for conditions such as autoimmunity, atherosclerosis and heart failure, potentially leading to better prevention and treatment. Dr. Edward T.H. Yeh, chairman of the Department of Medicine and director of the Center for Precision Medicine at the University of Missouri School of Medicine, has been leading a team of

A step towards a Type 1 Diabetes vaccine by using nanotherapy

June 9, 2015 (Nanowerk News) For the first time liposomes that imitate cells in the process of natural death have been used to treat Diabetes. Researchers at Germans Trias Research Institute (at UAB-Campus of International Excellence Sphere) generated liposomes in collaboration with professionals from the ICN2. PLOS ONE Journal published the work ("Use of Autoantigen-Loaded

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