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Researcher finds novel way to monitor serious blood disorder using a smart phone

Sept. 22, 2015 Eureka Alert! Gisele Galoustian Florida Atlantic University receives NSF grant A researcher from Florida Atlantic University has come up with a unique way to monitor sickle cell disease -- a serious blood disorder -- using a smart phone. With a $166,935 grant from the National Science Foundation, E. (Sarah) Du, Ph.D., assistant professor

Embryonic Stem Cells Help Deliver ‘Good Genes’ in a Model of Inherited Blood Disorder

ScienceDaily - Feb. 13, 2011 — Researchers at Nationwide Children's Hospital report a gene therapy strategy that improves the condition of a mouse model of an inherited blood disorder, beta-thalassemia. The gene correction involves using unfertilized eggs from afflicted mice to produce a batch of embryonic stem cell lines. Some of these stem cell lines do