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Rates of autism continue to rise, new data indicate

New statistics indicate rates of autism in children have continued to increase. However, the rates have increased only modestly, suggesting  there may be a leveling off. Still, researchers found that many children aren’t getting diagnosed until age 4 or older. The older a child is at diagnosis, the harder it is for health-care professionals to

Formula made with cow’s milk does not increase diabetes risk

A 15-year global study of children genetically predisposed to developing Type 1 diabetes found that drinking formula made with cow’s milk did not increase such children’s risk for developing the disease. The findings provide a long-awaited answer to the question of whether infant formula made with cow’s milk plays a role in the development of

Predicting Autism & Other Developmental Delays: How Tech Can Empower Doctors

The current system by which we typically diagnose developmental and behavioral disorders in children is dysfunctional, as specialists are vastly outnumbered by at risk-children in need of appointments. For delays like autism, the earlier the diagnosis, the earlier the intervention can start and the more effective it becomes. We are in the early stages of

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Antibiotics warranted for kids with minor staph infections

The overuse of antibiotics has left some doctors questioning whether to give such drugs to children diagnosed with uncomplicated staph infections. Such infections often occur on the skin and look like a pus-filled bug bite. Now, research led by Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis indicates that prescribing antibiotics — in addition to

FDA Approves Novel Leukemia Treatment that Could Be First U.S. Gene Therapy

By Linda Johnson, Associated Press A treatment for a common childhood blood cancer could become the first gene therapy available in the U.S. A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel voted 10-0 on Wednesday in favor of the leukemia treatment developed by the University of Pennsylvania and Novartis Corp. The FDA usually follows recommendations from

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Mayo Clinic puts stem cells to the test on infant heart defect

Minneapolis Star Tribute, by Dan Browning ~ June 10, 2013 ROCHESTER – Every year, about 1,000 babies are born in the United States with half a heart — a rare defect that requires a series of risky surgeries and, even then, leaves the infants with a strong likelihood that their hearts will wear out prematurely.