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Scientists develop very early stage human stem cell lines for first time

PUBLIC RELEASE: 4-MAR-2016 UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE Scientists at the University of Cambridge have for the first time shown that it is possible to derive from a human embryo so-called 'naïve' pluripotent stem cells - one of the most flexible types of stem cell, which can develop into all human tissue other than the placenta. As well as

Cause of Regression in Individuals with Down Syndrome Identified

Individuals with regressive Down syndrome return to baseline functioning when treated for Catatonia Judith Miles found that Catatonia, a treatable disorder, may cause regression in patients with Down syndrome. May 12, 2015 By: Fran Webber COLUMBIA, Mo. – Down syndrome, the most common chromosomal disorder in America, can be complicated by significant deterioration in movement, speech