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New technique generates high volume of sensory cells needed for hearing

FEBRUARY 21, 2017 A two-step process of multiplying stem cells found in the inner ear and converting them to hair cells may restore hearing lost to age, noise damage and other factors.Media Contact: Suzanne Day Media Relations Manager, Mass. Eye and Ear 617-573-3897 Boston, Mass. — The loss of tiny, sound-sensing cells in the inner ear, known as “hair

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New findings hint toward reversing hearing loss

July 15, 2015 By Julia Evangelou Strait SUNG-HO HUH PHOTO A normal mouse cochlea shows a characteristic spiral shape. Unlike birds and amphibians, mammals can’t recover lost hearing. In people, the cells of the inner ear responsible for detecting sound and transmitting those signals to the brain form during early stages of development and can’t

Found: A Likely New Contributor to Age-Related Hearing Loss

New nerve cell connections on sensory cells in mice could be at fault July 13, 2015 FAST FACTS: Hair cells in the inner ear “sense” sound waves and convert them to electrical signals sent via outgoing nerve cells to the brain. With aging, some hair cells die, contributing to hearing loss. New connections between certain

Sensory Hair Cells Regenerated, Hearing Restored in Noise-Damaged Mammal Ear

Jan. 9, 2013 - Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary “Hair cells are the primary receptor cells for sound and are responsible for the sense of hearing,” explains Dr. Edge. “We show that hair cells can be generated in a damaged cochlea and that hair cell replacement leads to an improvement in hearing.” Hearing loss is a