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Scientists use stem cells to regrow spinal cords

Research on rats could one day help paralyzed humans 29.03.2016 By Barry Eitel SAN FRANCISCO Scientists announced Tuesday that they have successfully regenerated the spinal cords of paralyzed rats using stem cells, a breakthrough that the researchers hope will lead to human trials. Researchers built tiny patches of stem cells collected from rats and humans. They

New studies show that young blood reverses effects of aging when put into older mice

By Meeri Kim, Published: May 4 The Washington Post The rodent fountain of youth may not be filled with water, but with blood. A trio of new studies has discovered that the blood of young mice appears to reverse some of the effects of aging when put into the circulatory systems of elderly mice. After combining the blood

Lab-Grown Kidneys Function in Rats

April 29, 2013 - by Vicki Contie, Assistant Editor, NIH Research Matters,  Scientists have created artificial kidneys that can filter blood and produce urine when transplanted into rats. With further development, this approach could help the many patients who await organ transplants because their own kidneys no longer work. A decellularized rat kidney in a