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Human skin cells transformed directly into motor neurons

Scientists working to develop new treatments for neurodegenerative diseases have been stymied by the inability to grow human motor neurons in the lab. Motor neurons drive muscle contractions, and their damage underlies devastating diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and spinal muscular atrophy, both of which ultimately lead to paralysis and early death. In new

Unraveling autism

A multifaceted approach aims to detect, treat and even reverse the disorder. BY REBECCA BOYLE, January 3, 2017 Washington University in St. Louis - Like many patients visiting a doctor’s office, Kim Sebenoler started out her appointment by heading to the nearest restroom to give a urine sample. But her visit to the lab of

New Information about Neurons Could Lead to Advancements in Understanding Brain and Neurological Disorders

University of Missouri, by Jeff Sossamon ~ October 14, 2014 Neurons Actively Compensate for Electrical Imbalances at the Genetic Level, MU Researchers Demonstrate COLUMBIA, Mo. – Neurons are electrically charged cells, located in the nervous system, that interpret and transmit information using electrical and chemical signals. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri have determined

Nerve Cells Can Work in Different Ways with Same Result, Says MU Researcher

Discovery may inform treatment of epilepsy and other diseases July 01, 2013 - by Timothy Wall, MU News Bureau COLUMBIA, Mo. – Epilepsy, irregular heartbeats and other conditions caused by malfunctions in the body’s nerve cells, also known as neurons, can be difficult to treat. The problem is that one medicine may help some patients but not