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Engineering a spinal cord repair kit

Feb. 29, 2016 New, multifunctional fibers to help repair nerve damage or deliver treatment for mental, neurological disorders Polina Anikeeva hopes to one day be able to regenerate the spinal cord to restore movement for paralyzed people or possibly bypass the spinal cord altogether with a device that mimics its function. With support from the

Researchers Isolate Human Muscle Stem Cells

By Nicholas Weiler on September 22, 2015 UC San Francisco researchers have successfully isolated human muscle stem cells and shown that the cells could robustly replicate and repair damaged muscles when grafted onto an injured site. The laboratory finding paves the way for potential treatments for patients with severe muscle injury, paralysis or genetic diseases

Completely Paralyzed Man Voluntarily Moves His Legs, Scientists Report

Robotic step training and noninvasive spinal stimulation enable patient to take thousands of steps Stuart Wolpert | September 01, 2015 Courtesy of Mark Pollock Mark Pollock and trainer Simon O’Donnell A39-year-old man who had been completely paralyzed for four years was able to voluntarily control his leg muscles and take thousands of steps in a “robotic

Research Sheds Light on How Neurons Control Muscle Movement

New research involving people diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease sheds light on how individual neurons control muscle movement in humans — and could help in the development of better brain-controlled prosthetic devices. JUN 232015 Studying the brain activity of two patients with Lou Gehrig's disease has given researchers insight into how neurons control muscle movement.