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Robotic Exoskeleton Could Be Right Step Forward for Kids with Cerebral Palsy

More than 17 million people around the world are living with cerebral palsy, a movement disorder that occurs when motor areas of a child’s brain do not develop correctly or are damaged early in life. Many of those affected were born extremely prematurely and suffered brain hemorrhages shortly after birth. One of the condition’s most

Completely Paralyzed Man Voluntarily Moves His Legs, Scientists Report

Robotic step training and noninvasive spinal stimulation enable patient to take thousands of steps Stuart Wolpert | September 01, 2015 Courtesy of Mark Pollock Mark Pollock and trainer Simon O’Donnell A39-year-old man who had been completely paralyzed for four years was able to voluntarily control his leg muscles and take thousands of steps in a “robotic