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New gene-editing technology partially restores vision in blind animals

November 16, 2016Salk researchers have discovered, for the first time, how to place DNA in specific locations in non-dividing cells LA JOLLA—Salk Institute researchers have discovered a holy grail of gene editing—the ability to, for the first time, insert DNA at a target location into the non-dividing cells that make up the majority of adult

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Receptors in brain linked to schizophrenia, autism

Mice lacking a set of receptors in one type of neuron in the brain developed compulsive, anti-social behaviors, Salk scientists found August 11, 2015 LA JOLLA–The loss of a critical receptor in a special class of inhibitory neurons in the brain may be responsible for neurodevelopmental disorders including autism and schizophrenia, according to new research

Low glycemic index diet reduces symptoms of autism in mice

Salk researchers find diet recommended for diabetics ameliorated signs of autism in mice June 09, 2015 LA JOLLA–Bread, cereal and other sugary processed foods cause rapid spikes and subsequent crashes in blood sugar. In contrast, diets made up of vegetables, fruits and whole grains are healthier, in part because they take longer to digest and

New stem cell may overcome hurdles for regenerative medicine

Salk Institute scientists discover new type of stem cell that could potentially generate mature, functional tissues May 06, 2015 LA JOLLA–Scientists at the Salk Institute have discovered a novel type of pluripotent stem cell–cells capable of developing into any type of tissue–whose identity is tied to their location in a developing embryo. This contrasts with

Gene-editing technique offers hope for hereditary diseases

Salk scientists use molecular "scissors" to eliminate mitochondrial mutations in eggs and embryos April 23, 2015 LA JOLLA–For thousands of women around the globe carrying a mitochondrial disease, having a healthy child can be a gamble. This set of diseases affect mitochondria, tiny powerhouses that generate energy in the body’s cells and are passed exclusively from

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Food for thought: Master protein enhances learning and memory

Salk scientists discover a single protein that energizes both muscles and the brain April 07, 2015 LA JOLLA–Just as some people seem built to run marathons and have an easier time going for miles without tiring, others are born with a knack for memorizing things, from times tables to trivia facts. These two skills–running and

Promising One-Two Punch for Lung Cancer

Drug Development & Discovery, Source: Salk Institute ~ November 20, 2014 Scientists at the Salk Institute have discovered a powerful one-two punch for countering a common genetic mutation that often leads to drug-resistant cancers. The dual-drug therapy–with analogs already in use for other diseases–doubled the survival rate of mice with lung cancer and halted cancer

Ability to isolate, grow breast tissue stem cells could speed cancer research

ScienceDaily, by Staff ~ May 7, 2014 By carefully controlling the levels of two proteins, researchers at the Salk Institute have discovered how to keep mammary stem cells -- those that can form breast tissue -- alive and functioning in the lab. The new ability to propagate mammary stem cells is allowing them to study