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Blood-forming stem cells likely hold the key to curing many types of disease

Science Friday July 20, 2016 · 7:45 AM EDT By Adam Wernick Researchers at Stanford are reviving a technique that can use uncontaminated, blood-forming stem cells to treat a patient with cancer, autoimmune deficiency and other diseases. Beginning in the 1960s, hematopoietic, or blood-forming, stem cells became the basis for bone marrow transplants used to treat cancer patients. Then, in the 1980s and

Newcastle Children’s Bone Marrow Transplant Unit discover new treatment

Photo:Newcastle’s Children’s Bone Marrow Transplant Unit have discovered a pioneering new treatment to tackle complications that can arise from stem cell transplants. The new procedure will tackle GVHD, an often fatal complication of stem cell transplantation, when the transplanted cells attack the patient. The breakthrough came after all typical treatments for GVHD on a child

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