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Stroke recovery improved by sensory deprivation, mouse study show

Temporarily shutting off neuronal signals to a healthy part of the brain may aid stroke recovery, according to new research in mice. The findings, from researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, are published Jan. 31 in Science Translational Medicine. Mice that had experienced strokes were more likely to recover the ability

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New Drug Could Help Prevent Artery Disease in High-risk Patients

A recent study by researchers at the University of Missouri School of Medicine has shown that a protein inhibitor drug prevents these blockages, and could be a new therapeutic approach to prevent heart attack, stroke and other diseases caused by blocked blood vessels. Dec. 21, 2016- According to the American Heart Association, approximately 2,200 Americans

Stem cell therapy heals injured mouse brain

Monday, August 22, 2016 Animal study examines method for restoring brain cells killed by stroke or other neurological diseases. Scientists and clinicians have long dreamed of helping the injured brain repair itself by creating new neurons, and an innovative NIH-funded study published today in Nature Medicine may bring this goal much closer to reality. A

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Breakthrough in stem cell study could give hope to disabled stroke victims

Aug. 7, 2016 - Scotland - A PIONEERING new stem cell treatment could bring new hope to stroke sufferers with disabilities, a study suggests. As part of a medical trial by Scottish doctors, patients who had been disabled by a stroke took part in a procedure where their brains were injected with stem cells. Some

Measuring damage to brain networks may aid stroke treatment, predict recovery

Functional MRI scans provide crucial data for stroke patients by Tamara Bhandari •July 11, 2016 JOSHUA SIEGEL Understanding the network of connections between brain regions — as depicted above — and how they are changed by a stroke, is crucial to understanding how stroke patients heal, according to new research from Washington University School of Medicine

Stem Cell Research By Stanford Researchers Makes Stroke Patient Walk

By Dipannita- 05 Jun '16 08:22AM A team of Stanford researchers has been left "stunned" by the outcome of the experiment that they carried out on stroke patients. The researchers injected stem cells into the brain of the stroke patients and discovered that the experimental treatment restored the motor function in a few patients. The

Molecule proves key to brain repair after stroke

Nov. 9, 2015 - NIH Research Matters At a Glance Scientists found that a molecule known as growth and differentiation factor 10 (GDF10) plays a key role in repair mechanisms following stroke. Insights from the study will inform future research into therapies to promote stroke recovery. Neurons that have been exposed to GDF10 grow more

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