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New technology looks into the eye and brings cells into focus

Photo by L. Brian Stauffer Dr. Stephen Boppart led a team that developed a new medical imaging device that can see individual cells in the back of the eye to better diagnose and track disease. From left: postdoctoral researcher Yuan-Zhi Liu, graduate student Fredrick A. South, and professor Stephen Boppart. 6/22/2015 | Liz Ahlberg, Physical

Blocking One Receptor on Cells Could Halt RA

Drug Discovery & Development, Source: University of Illinois at Chicago ~ by September 10, 2014 Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine have shown for the first time how the activation of a receptor provokes the inflammation and bone degradation of rheumatoid arthritis— and that activation of this one receptor, found

Stem Cells Aid Muscle Repair and Strengthening After Resistance Exercise

Bioscience Technology, Source: University of Illinois ~ July 22, 2014 A new study in mice reveals that mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) help rejuvenate skeletal muscle after resistance exercise. By injecting MSCs into mouse leg muscles prior to several bouts of eccentric exercise (similar to the lengthening contractions performed during resistance training in humans that result