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Engineering researchers help unravel molecular control of hindering cell cycle

By Beth Miller May 26, 2016 Researchers, including Rohit Pappu from Washington University in St. Louis, studied the pP27Kip1 protein, whose job is to stop a cell from dividing or to slow the division. Genetic mutations in p27 and other proteins like it are major culprits in cancer.At busy intersections, traffic signals generally favor the road

Good as gold​​​

Precious metal, artificial antibodies combine for kidney injury test October 22, 2015 By Erika Ebsworth-GooldGold is one of the world’s best-known precious metals. For thousands of years, it’s been crafted into jewelry, medals and coins. When mixed with alloys, it can take on a white or rose-colored cast, but its natural hue is a deep, rich,

NIH grant to support study of heart’s inner mechanisms

Findings could lead to better treatment for cardiac arrhythmia and long QT syndrome March 3, 2015 By Beth Miller ​Cui ​Jianmin Cui, PhD, has received a nearly $1.7 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to study the molecular bases for the function of potassium channels vital for the heart, brain, inner ear