Unnecessary politics in tobacco tax initiative

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Unnecessary politics in tobacco tax initiative

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 6, 2016

I am writing in response to Ms. Linda Rallo’s letter “Tobacco initiative is laser-focused on children’s health and education.”

I have been a longtime supporter of Missouri Cures. The organization promotes and protects medical research in Missouri working with the outstanding research institutions in our state. For the last decade, since the 2006 Stem Cell Research and Cures Amendment was passed, Missouri Cures has never sought taxpayer money for stem cell research.

As an attorney, I follow and understand ballot initiatives. Why did Raise Your Hands for Kids sneak anti-medical research language into an otherwise straightforward proposal? The two subjects are not even related. Raise Your Hands for Kids can accomplish what they want to accomplish without the unnecessary language against medical research.

It is unfortunate that unnecessary politics is put into an otherwise straightforward initiative simply to gain favor and votes with the anti-science community.

Eric Westacott  •  Ballwin

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